Six Ways to Reduce Your Risks of Car Accidents on the Road

Getting into car accidents can extremely be scary, costly and painful. According to statistics, 1.25 million people die every year because of car accidents. Fortunately, there are certain things that you can do to dwindle your risk of getting into accidents on the road. Here is a guide that helps you drive safely and avoid car accidents. 

1. Say No To Distracted Driving:

Any action that diverts your attention from driving, including texting or talking on the phone, talking to others in your vehicle, listening to music, using a navigation system and eating, can put your safety at risk. Once you have inserted your car’s key, your focus should be on the road and not on your mobile phone. 

2. Say No To Drunk-Driving:

Despite understanding the potential dangers of drunk driving, there are many drivers who still get behind the wheel after consuming drinks. Alcohol not only impairs your decision, but it also retards your reaction time, so it is worth saying no to drunk driving. 

3. Say No To Speed-Driving:

While driving over the speed limit doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can cost you a fortune, at the very least, speeding tickets, lose points on your license, damage to your car or personal injuries. To make sure that you don’t exceed the speed limit, it is better to give yourself abundance of time to get started ahead.

4. Say Yes To Seat Belt:

Seat belts were designed to keep you safe on the road during the ride. So, it is important to buckle up your seat belt even if you are driving down the lane. Wearing a seat belt not only keeps you safe in the event of an accident but also helps keeping other passengers safe. 

5. Say Yes To Defensive Driving Course:

No matter how good you are at driving, harsh weather conditions, roadway obstacles, mechanical problems and aggressive driving can jeopardise your and your passengers’ safety. By taking up defensive driving courses in Melbourne, you will learn safe driving techniques that help you gain complete control over your vehicle during unexpected situations. 

6. Say Yes To Sprint Driving School: 

Spring Driving School has been providing a variety of driving courses in Melbourne to the experienced and amateur drivers. By learning our defensive driving lessons, you will be able to learn critical techniques to stay away from accidents, refresh your knowledge on the driving laws and become a better driver. To get enrolled in our driving courses, call 1300 73 1330 and talk to our driving instructors today.