Spotting Bad Driving Instructors – Tips To Check Out!

Whether you are actively looking for a driving instructor or stressed with the one you are already working with, it is important to make sure that you have got the best person to train you.  Unluckily, there are some driving instructors that you should stay away from. Here is a list of top three signs that indicate that you are working with a bad driving instructor.

Unauthorized or Not Licensed:

Just having a car and knowing to drive doesn’t qualify that the person is a good driving instructor. Before they teach others how to drive, they should prove that they have thorough understanding of the rules of the road and are able to impart those skills to others. Instructors who have completed rigorous training and obtained licensed can instruct other learner drivers efficiently.

Impatient And Snappy:

The role of instructor takes a lot of patience to teach someone who has never been behind the wheel and has no command over the road rules. If you find that your driving instructor is bad-tempered, impatient and aggressive with you, it is better to find someone you feel more comfortable to learn with.

Unprofessional & Improper:

Driving is indeed a dangerous activity and should be learned only from the person whom you can trust. To establish a strong bond and place your full trust on the instructor, he should be very professional and ethical. If the driving instructor you are working with is consistently late, has a poorly-maintained car, behaves inappropriately or does not teach you the lesson properly, it might be the time to find a new driving instructor.

What To Do If You Are Working With A Bad Driving Instructor?

If you realise that you are working with a bad driving instructor, it is better to look for another instructor. At Sprint Driving School, you will find experienced, licensed, authorised, patient and professional driving instructors who make learning to drive engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. All of our driving lessons are geared towards helping learner drivers successfully pass the driving test the first time. To know more about out driving courses, feel free to give us a call on 1300 73 1330.