How To Successfully Pass At Your Driving Test – Melbourne Driving School

Often driving instructors will be asked by a learner driver which VicRoads Office will be best to sign up for the driving test. It is a normal question since some learner drivers may think that there are some VicRoads Offices that are easier to pass the driving test than others).

Our answer to this question is: it is not the driving test office that makes it hard or easy to pass, (as the test criteria is the same every where). However, it is the nature of the testing officer that will make it hard or easy to pass your driving test. As the tester officer is randomly selected by VicRoads on the test day, unfortunately we can not do much about that. However not all is doom and gloom.

The driving instructor can do a lot in regards to your driving test preparation. By going  through a proper driving training program which once completed, the learner driver will be:

  1. familiar with the driving test criteria,
  2. familiar with the actual (fix) driving test runs at VicRoads where the test will be conducted,
  3. and have the right mind-set to successfully pass the driving test (rather than stress and anxiety).

No matter how much training a learner driver has had with his/her family it will always be best to get a professional driving instructor in Melbourne to do the final polish. Taking up driving lessons from a driving school is a totally different experience. It allows the student to learn more than what a parent can teach.

Sprint Driving Instructors are available 7 days a week to provide quality driver education. Our cars are equipped with new dual pedals.

Your Melbourne driving lessons will start at a place of your choice (either from home, Uni, school or work) to match your time and deliver your driver education at your convenience. You also have a choice to take up your driving lessons either with an automatic or a manual car. We also help those with overseas licence to change over to VicRoads or Australian Drivers Licence.

To start your driving training and learn how to successfully pass at your driving test please call is or on 1800 353 944  or contact us