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The 5 Fundamental Parallel Parking Steps for Learner Drivers

Many learner or amateur drivers have a hard time parallel Kerbside parking a car. While it is true that it is somewhat difficult, even for many experienced drivers, knowing the basic steps and a few tricks can go a long way. In the quick driving lesson guide below, we show you how to parallel park without too much effort:

Choose a Parking Space

The space you choose to park your car can determine how simple or how hard parking that car is going to be. Therefore, do not just select any spot. Pick a spot with adequate space to accommodate your car. Picking a space that is too small will make your work difficult.

 Signal and Pass the Spot A Little Bit

So, how do you enter that space? Is it by signalling other Melbourne drivers and then pulling in with the front of your car first? Of course, not! That is a very big mistake typically made by beginners still going to a driving school. You must signal other drivers, letting them know that you want to park there and then pass the spot. Pull up next to a vehicle you want to park behind, and then start reversing into the spot to do it correctly. Passing the spot first puts you in an accurate position for parallel parking.

 Reversing into the Spot and Pulling-In

Turn and watch over your shoulder as you slowly reverse into the spot while aiming toward the back-left corner of the parking space. Also, feel free to use your rear-view mirror to get a clear picture of your surroundings. After you are lined up with the vehicle in front of you, you are in the spot and it is time to align the wheels.

 Straightening Out the Tires

Straightening out the wheels will help you complete pulling in without hitting other vehicles around you. So, how do you do that? By having the steering wheel centered!

 Center the Car

Centering the car between the front and rear vehicles will ensure that both drivers have adequate space to pull out without grazing your car. After you are centered, shift the gear to neutral, engage your parking brake and turn off the engine.

 Improve your parallel parking skills and keep yourself safe as well as avoid hitting other vehicles or pedestrians. Following these five simple steps will see you execute parallel parking tasks like a pro even when are still going to a driving school. Call us if you need any help with driving lessons.

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