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The Three C’s Of Driving – What Are They?

If you are not an experienced driver, chances are there that you might have wrecked a few cars. You may not be a law breaker or speed demon, but it could have happened because of being irresponsible and lacking proper training. The mechanics of operating a vehicle needs a lot of practice. The more you practice, the better your driving ability will be. There are three important factors to driving, and understanding these three key components will make you a safe driver for life. Let’s call them as ‘three C’s of driving’.


Being careful means, you should mind your job while on the road. It is about driving with care, following the traffic rules, abiding by the signage, slowing down in harsh weather, maintaining proper distance between you and other vehicles, driving at safe speed and maneuvering the vehicle with attention.


Careful is something what you do whereas cautious depends upon what other motorists do. So, being cautious means that keeping an eye on the other drivers on the road. There are crazy, erratic and distracted drivers out there who don’t always drive as indicated by the signage, so be cautious.


Being compassionate and courteous is something that we have forgotten in the recent days. This is something that everyone should feel shame about!  We should treat others better as we want to be treated. Stopping at a cross walk and letting a pedestrian crossing just takes a few seconds, and why don’t we do it? Being courteous and nice to others is not only a good practice, but also sets you as an example for other drivers to learn from you.

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