Three Most Common Reasons Why Most People Fail Their Driving Test

Is it the time for you to take a driving test? Are you afraid of failing? Well, though it is a reasonable fear, understanding the ways that most people fail will help you pass your road test successfully. Here are three common mistakes that you should absolutely avoid for not failing your driving test.

Unsafe Manoeuvring:

The most common manoeuvres that most people fail are reverse parks and three-point turns. The first rule is that you don’t reverse without looking where you are heading to. This is because you can’t react to something that you can’t see. When it comes to three-point turns, you should look well ahead at all times. Also, you need to approach very slowly so that you will get ample time to implement the correct procedures or stop the vehicle if necessary.

Incorrect Use Of Mirrors:

The driving test is all about proving the examiner that you are a safe driver. Every time you brake, accelerate, start, stop, change direction or negotiate a hazard, keep checking the mirrors. Using your mirrors constantly is important for an all-round view so that you will know what’s going on around you and can manoeuvre accordingly.

Poor Steering Control:

Losing control of the steering appears to be another common reason to fail a driving test. Steering too harshly, too early or too late may lead to hitting the kerb or approaching vehicles. One factor for losing control is the nerves, so take long breaths and relax into your drive.

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