Three Reckless Driving Practices That You Should Get Rid Of

Every driver on the road is required to follow traffic laws so that they do not endanger other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. As a driver, if you fail to follow this important responsibility, it would result in deadly auto accidents. According to studies, one of three vehicle accidents occurs because of reckless driving every year.

To ensure the safety of all road users, the drivers should act safely and abide by the rules of the road. However, not all motorists drive carefully as they should be, putting themselves as well as others in danger.


According to one study, speeding and erratic driving contributes to 17% of crashes. If you don’t want to be the victim of such accidents, always know the speed limit, keep an eye on the speedometer and adjust the speed of your vehicle as required.


Distracted driving is another contributing factor of an accident. Though speeding and hard braking are bad driving habits, sometimes it is what a driver should be doing behind the wheel to stay away from crashes.


Rear-end collisions are usually caused by those people who enter or exit the freeway. Whenever you want to enter or exit a freeway, you must use your turn signal, upsurge your speed and then enter the flow. Make sure that you maintain at least one car distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Don’t stop your car too close to the vehicle before you.

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