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Top 3 Driving Tips For P Platers – Driving School Melbourne

Safe driving comes first in everything we do in life. Whether it is walking on the footpath or learning to driving a car on the road – we need to be vigilant and alert at most times. Top 3 Driving Tips brings you the answers. What makes it much more concerning is the silly things that some people do on the road while driving their motor vehicle.

Our driving School tips are for the young drivers who have recently passed their driving test and have their Victorian Drivers Licence. We do hope that everyone uses their vehicles for good intentions to get around.

Young drivers can easily fail to realise the dangers involved while driving a car on the road. We at Sprint Driving School Melbourne commit ourselves to teach our young learner drivers the importance of safety while driving a car.

Top 3 Driving Tips that come up to be important for P-Platers:

1. Do not use or answer your mobile phone while driving your car.

It is not only dangerous but also silly to drive and use your mobile phone. People just don’t see the inherent dangers involved. Taking your attention off driving and giving it to something like using a mobile phone can be detrimental to your driving experience.

If you must use your mobile phone then do so while you’ve stopped and parked your car. This is the most sensible thing you can do to yourself and to other motorists as well.

What is worse then talking on the phone while driving?

Texting while driving.

Don’t even think of texting anything to anyone while driving your car. It is one of the most dangerous things a motorist can do. Your lapse from driving in this situation can cause a damaging outcome even if you’re on your own on a deserted road.

2. Keep to the speed limit.

Speed limits are there for a reason. Unfortunately, people in accidents die because of high speed impacts. The danger of speeding increases exponentially when you pass the recommended road speed or the speed limit designated for the road.

The fact that young drivers lack long term road experience makes speeding a big concern for all. The advantages of sticking to speed limit has many benefits to your driving and the most important factor is you’re much more safer driving under the speed limit.

3. Don’t drive while you’re tired.

Many young people tend to over extend themselves by keeping awake for long hours. Specially true during the times when people get together. They can easily wear the body down with activities and perhaps even alcohol.

What the young don’t realise is that long days can add tiredness and decrease road concentration by a large factor. If you’re tired and need to drive somewhere urgently then consider taking a nap for 30 minutes or so followed by a cold face wash to wake up before driving.

Ps: don’t drive if you’ve consumed any beverages that will make you drowsy. Let someone else drive or call a taxi.

Avoid anything that will put your life at risk when you drive.

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