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Intensive Driver Training Programs

Driver Training Programs

Want to learn to drive at a quicker pace and need to get your licence urgently? Then this is the course you should enrol in.

With our intensive training course you will be taking more lessons from our accredited instructors in which we will teach you and guide you through each step of the way toward attaining your licence at the shortest possible time.This course is for those who are keen and ready to take on the training needed.

With our comprehensive and intensive driver training course we will help you to get to the level required for passing the licence test. This course will also provide you with the confidence and extended skill set to make sure you are a competent and safe motorist for life.

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How to Get Your Learners Permit or Your L's

The research into the quality of intensive training courses almost entirely supports the conclusion that they are as good as standard courses and may ever offer some advantages. For example, students tend to be more focused, better prepared, and have a higher success rate than in traditional ones. At Sprint we incorporate the best practices for teaching these courses. We prioritise what the individual student needs to target in order to generate the skills required.

With our intensive lessons we are particularly well-suited for focusing on process and working on the problems that need to be tackled. So if you want to get your licence ASAP then this is the course for you!

Giving way at intersections

How To Perform a 3-point turn?

Fees for the Intensive Course

Our instructors will attend to you as often as you like. However, since priority will be given to your lessons, a small extra charge will apply.

Lessons will be at $55 per 45 minutes.

This is worthwhile for getting your licence faster!

Driver Training Programs

Study this handbook and become familiar with all there is to it. Once you’re confident and learned as much as you can, you then need to enrol and sit for the Learners Permit Test. Everyone has to pass the Learners Permit Test in order to be able to take up driving lessons with a driving instructor. It is important to study this handbook for overall driver education program

Merging lanes safely

Passing or overtaking trams

Our Course That is Guaranteed To Pass Your Test

We are so sure of our ability to teach that we give you The Sprint Guarantee….

The Sprint Guarantee is that you will pass your driviers licence test on your 1st attempt or else we will pay the VicRoads booking fee for the second time.

Price for the Guaranteed Pass Course

Lessons for this package are $45 per 45 minutes.

Well worth it for the peace of mind!

Plus, if you say the phrase that pays, “Sprint Driving School is the best run for your money”, you will get one free lesson before the test on that day!!

Please call us anytime on 1300 731 330 or book your lessons with us online.

24-Hour booking hot line, helping you get your licence is our business!

Performing a hook turn

When you can safely perform a U turn


Are you ready to try Sprint Driving School for your driving lessons?