Tuart Hill Crash – A Sleeping Man Injured After Taxi Smashes Into Home

Night-time driving is certainly dangerous, especially if you have no proper training behind the wheel. Even professional drivers are getting involved in accidents despite their experience in the field.

A man in his 40s has been injured by a taxi driver who lost control of the vehicle, smashed through a brick fence and ploughed into his home on Wanneroo Road in Tuart Hill.  Photos of this accident revealed that the black taxi travelled through about one metre into the garden before smashing through the pillars and ramming into the bedroom.

This incident happened about 12.26 am on April 1, when the man was asleep in the room. The window of the bedroom is completely shattered with glass strewn all over the floor and bed. Police and paramedics crews were called to the scene to treat the man who got cuts on his legs from the broken glass.

Fortunately, the driver was the only occupant of the vehicle, who walked away uninjured. However, the car and fence of the home suffered extensive damages.

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