Two Elderly Women Rescued From An Upturned Car After A Crash In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Reckless driving often leads to terrible accidents. These collisions are fatal and take almost thousands of lives every year. That’s why it is imperative to be cautious, follow traffic rules and avoid distraction whenever you get behind the wheel.

When we talk about cautious driving, we would like you to share with you about an accident that happened in Warringah Road in Frenchs Forests at 10.15am on November 12. Two elderly women have been injured after two vehicles crashed on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on November 12.

After being informed of this accident, the emergency crews arrived to the scene. Upon arrival, the officers found one of the vehicles had flipped and rolled onto its roof because of the accident. The two elderly women who were in their 80s got trapped inside the car. The part of this busy road was closed for more than an hour, prohibiting vehicles to pass by.

In order to free the elderly women, five paramedic crews, including special operations and intensive care were called to the spot. The paramedics evaluated the conditions of these two women, and then worked with Fire Rescue NSW and NSW police to safely liberate them from the vehicle. After freeing them with minor injuries, the two elderly women were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital for further treatments.

David Lambert, the NSW Ambulance inspector, said that the driver of the other car escaped the accident unharmed. However, the authorities started the investigations to find out the exact cause of the crash. David Lambert also added that all drivers should exercise caution while driving in wet and slippery conditions.

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