UTE Driver Rescued After a Completely-Crushed Truck Crash in Sydney

With more commercial vehicles on the highways, the number of accidents and fatalities has also risen.  According to a data, an average of 200 people is being killed every year across Australia in accidents involving trucks.

Recently, a collision involving a truck and ute has occurred on Barrenjoey Road, Bilgola, Sydney’s north at 7 a.m. on 24 January. The garbage truck which was carrying plants rolled onto the ute and the driver of the car was taken to hospital for treatments.

The ute got trapped beneath the truck and the 30-years-old driver, who suffered from minor injuries, was not able to break through. A crane was brought to the spot to lift the truck after two hours, and at the meantime, paramedics were also called to give first-aid to the driver.

Once he was freed from the vehicle, the paramedics treated the minor abrasions on the driver’s head, shoulder, neck and legs before being airlifted to the Royal North Shore Hospital. Fortunately, the 26-year-old truck driver was not injured but he was taken to hospital for examination.

NSW Ambulance Inspector David Lambert appreciated the paramedics and everyone involved in the rescue. He also added that it was a miracle that the ute driver suffered only minor abrasions and injuries.

Police have started the investigation and are urging people with dashcam images to approach Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.

No matter what the cause of this accident is, it could be prevented when both the drivers were vigilant while driving. If you are not sure how careful you are while driving, it’s better to book driving lessons from Sprint Driving School.  To know more about our driving courses in Melbourne, call 1300731330 and talk to us today.