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You have a very high chance of getting your VicRoads driver’s licence faster and easily if you enroll with a quality melbourne driving school for your driving test.

As a life skill, there are certainly not too many things as important as being a good motorist. Here at Sprint Driving School we’re particularly proficient at making responsible and competent drivers out of all of our students who pass their driving test.

We go out of our way and go to the depths that we do to ensure that the driving test lessons we offer focus directly on your driving needs to help you pass your driving test.

Every driving course is tailor made to suit your requirements. We understand that not all learner drivers are beginners and there are some who are well advanced and need a few more lessons before going for any driving tests.

Driving Lessons Melbourne

Our driving instructors will administer evaluations to pinpoint weaknesses in your skillset. This allows them to develop a program of studies that focuses on the areas in which you find it more difficult, and require extra help.

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    Every student who takes up driving classes with us is better equipped to pass at the driving test

    VicRoads Driving Test Bookings

    Initially we have a preliminary driving assessment to determine your driving level and advise on a driving course. Check our training programs for more information. We can help you to pass your driving test.

    Your Victorian Drive Test will start at VicRoads office of your choice. There are many VicRoads testing centers. You can call them on 131 171 or visit VicRoads Online Bookings to have your driving test booked.

    Once you have your driving test booked call us and book your driving instructor for that date.

    VicRoads Driving Test Bookings

    • Be at least 18 years old.
    • Hold a Victorian Learner Permit.
    • Present a log book with 120 hours of driving experience recorded.
    • Pass The Hazard perception Test, this is a computerized driving simulator to test the learner drivers judgment.
    • Pass an eye site test.

    The VicRoads Driving Test

    Before the Drive

    The learner driver will be asked by the tester to sit in the driver’s seat. They will be asked to perform a few things before driving on the streets. You need not worry, we will show you exactly what is required here.

    During the Drive

    From this point onwards the test will be conducted by the tester using short instructions to turn right and left or drive on and adhering to all road rules and signs on the road. Some things to look out for:

    • Reverse parallel parking.
    • Three point turn.
    • Turning into traffic.
    • Changing lanes and more.
    VicRoads Driving Test Bookings Melbourne

    Serious Errors During the Drive Test

    The Driving Test is designed to assess your ability to drive safely. It’s possible to fail the Drive Test if you make a serious error that does or could create an unsafe situation.

    There are two different types of serious errors:

    • immediate termination error
    • critical error.

    Immediate termination error

    You will be immediately unsuccessful if you do something that puts yourself or other road users at risk. An immediate termination error will be recorded, if you:

    • collide with another vehicle
    • mount the kerb while driving
    • exceed the speed limit by 5 km/h or more at any time
    • exceed the speed limit by any amount for 5 seconds or more
    • exceed the speed limit by any amount in a ‘school’ speed limit area
    • fail to give way, signal, or check for other road users and someone else has to avoid a collision
    • stop the car in a dangerous position
    • drive through a stop sign or red traffic light
    • disobey a direction from your testing officer or a member of the Victoria Police, or if your instructor or testing officer provides any kind of verbal or physical assistance during the drive test
    • do anything else that creates an unsafe situation.

    Critical error during the driving test

    This penalty is given if you do something that could create an unsafe situation but is not an immediate danger during the drive test. A critical error will be recorded, if you:

    • drive too slow for the conditions
    • fail to look or signal but no evasive action is required from other road users
    • block a pedestrian crossing but no pedestrians are affected
    • allow one wheel of your car to mount the kerb when parking or leaving a parking space
    • stall your car
    • slow and pause but do not stop your car completely at a stop sign but other road users or pedestrians are not endangered
    • do something else that is potentially unsafe but that does not result in an immediate risk of collision or injury.

    The total duration of the Victorian driving test is 30 minutes.

    How to pass the driving test

    Most learner drivers attending the driving test know how to drive but not all pass the drive test as easily.

    The main reason for this failure is due to high levels of stress that causes wrong decisions and judgements to be made.

    Our Driving School will teach you to control your stress.

    Free Driving Lesson

    As you might be aware that we offer a free driving lesson if you also book us with our driving school car for your Victorian Driving Test.

    To maximize your chances of passing on the day of the driving test we can show you exactly what is required in the same area as the VicRoads officer will take you through the test day. This is our practice driving test lesson to get you ready.

    It is also advisable to have few driving lessons to help you understand the test criteria throughout the week prior to this test.

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    To prepare for your driving test, study the driver’s manual, take online practice tests, practice driving in different conditions, and consider a driver’s education course.

    The Vicroads Driving Test is a practical examination conducted by Vicroads in Victoria, Australia, to assess a person’s driving skills and eligibility for a driver’s license.

    The Vicroads driving test is designed to evaluate an individual’s driving skills and knowledge to determine their eligibility for a driver’s license in Victoria, Australia.

    First, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the road by studying the driver’s manual thoroughly. Next, get ample practice behind the wheel by driving in various road and traffic conditions.

    Some common mistakes during a driving test include improper signaling, failure to come to a complete stop at stop signs, not checking blind spots before changing lanes, exceeding the speed limit, and improper parallel parking.
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