What Are Blind Spots? When And How Should You Check Them?

As a driver, knowing where the blind spots are on your vehicle and other drivers’ vehicles is super important for you. Knowing this will protect you and those around you from a collision. Every time you drive on the road, you will experience a huge number of situations where you will need to know this information. Let’s teach you about blind spot monitoring, so listen up!

What Are Blind Spots?

Blind spots are the areas around your car that can’t be seen in your mirrors. To see these spots, you will have to turn around to perceive what kind of stuff is going on out there. Well, a quick glace is enough to make sure these blind spots are clear. You don’t have to be an advanced driver to learn and implement this skill.

When Should You Check For Blind Spots?

  • You should check for blind spots in the following situations:
  • Before pulling out from the kerb
  • Before parking the vehicle or leaving the parking spot
  • Before taking a U-turn
  • Before changing lanes
  • Before merging with other traffic
  • Before backing out of a driveway.

How to Overcome Blind Spots?

  • Adjust all your mirrors to have a clear view of as much area as possible around your vehicle
  • Don’t rely solely on mirrors. Look out through the side windows to check for other cars with your own eyes.
  • Use your turn signals early and frequently to warn other drivers that you intend to change the lanes
  • Have a clear field of vision. Avoid placing any items in front of the windows that could hinder your view.
  • Keep into account other drivers’ blind spots and avoid matching their speed.
  • Maintain a good distance from the cars around you.

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