What Is Hazard Perception Test And How To Pass The First Time?

All learner drivers must take on and pass the hazard perception test as a precursor to take a practical test and obtain their driving license. It is regarded as the most challenging aspect of the theory test and involves spotting and responding to the dangerous situations on the road. In this article, let’s look what is hazard perception test and how to prepare for the same.

What Is Hazard Perception Test?

You will take the hazard perception test sitting at a computer that you control with a mouse.  You will be shown some video clips of real life road traffic situations and you must identify a developing hazard that might cause the driver to change the speed, direction or stop the vehicle he is driving. You will see the dashboard information on the screen and are required to identify the hazard and quickly respond to it. This test is completely perception and timing based, and you won’t be actively controlling the vehicle. .

How to Pass the Hazard Perception Test?

Practice Makes Perfect:

You can get a real head start by practising the hazard perception test at home. There are several mock test examples of hazard perception tests available online for free. They offer a great opportunity to understand what you can expect from the test.

Know The Difference Between A Developing And Potential Hazard:

A potential hazard is something you should be aware of, but it does not require you to take any sort of action. On the other hand, a developing hazard would make you take some kind of action such as changing the direction, slowing down or stopping your vehicle.

Learn To Prioritise The Hazards:

If you are traveling at a speed and seeing an animal running out before you, some teens riding their bikes in the street or an old man crossing the road slowly, you should respond as soon as possible to ensure your safety. On the other hand, a small rodent or bird won’t cause threat to your vehicle or safety. They move themselves to safety, but making a sudden movement seeing these small creatures will tend you lose control of your vehicle.

Take Driving Lessons

Taking driving lessons from an accredited driving instructor is the best way to learn how to identify and respond to potential hazards on the road.

At Sprint Driving School, we offer student-focused driving instructions aimed at developing hazard perception skills and enabling the students to pass the test the first time. If you would like to book a driving lesson with us, call our driving school in Melbourne on 1300 73 1330.