What Should You Do If You Have Failed Your Driving Test?

With more than a million of driving tests conducted every year in Australia, hundreds of people fail their driving test every day. There are several reasons why people fail their driving test, and they are as follows:

  • Mirrors
  • Junctions
  • Steering control
  • Response to signs
  • Road markings
  • Reverse parking
  • Turning directions
  • Much more

If you have failed your driving test recently, our quick guide is here to help you avoid another fail.

First Give Yourself A Break:

You have just failed your driving test, and you need some time to overcome it, so it is worthwhile to give yourself a break. Nerves are a big influencing factor in any kind of exam and will limit your ability to cope up with complex situations. Simply take a break before retaking your test.

Have Faith In You:

Failing your test can blow your confidence away, and you may need a few days to get over your failure. Remember that driving test failures are common in Australia, so don’t lose your faith. Look at the reasons for your failure and try to overcome one by one. Also, make sure you arrange your next lesson as quickly as possible.

Get Lots of Practice:

Talk to your driving instructor about having extra lessons to improve the problematic areas that the examiner spotted out during the test. You can take supplementary lessons and get lots of practice before your re-test.

Book Another Driving Test:

Your driving instructor will not suggest you to re-take your test until he feels that you are ready. After spending hours of practice behind the wheel and if the driver has the confidence in you, you can book your driving test. However, you need to choose the date that is at least 10 to 15 days away.

If you want someone to guide you through the process of re-booking your test and providing intense behind the wheel training, you can approach the driving instructors of Sprint Driving School. For more information on our driving courses and lessons, call 1300 731 330 and consult with one of our experts today.