What To Expect On The First Day Of Your Driving Lesson?

The day you get behind the wheel for the first time is a big day, but it could be nerve-tracking too! If you know what your first lesson involves earlier, it makes things much easier for you to prepare. We have endeavoured to give you some ideas of what you can expect on the first day of your driving course Melbourne.  

Before The Lesson:

Learning to drive is all about earning a new skill. So, you will want to have a fresh mind to soak up a lot of information coming your way on the first day of your driving lesson Melbourne. That’s why we recommend learners having good night sleep before the very first lesson. While driving, you should have complete focus on the car and the road, so wearing comfortable dress and a suitable pair of shoes will keep you relaxed.

Meeting Your Instructor:

You would be nervous before your driving lessons, but don’t worry as your driving instructor Melbourne will be there to ease you. As you get into the car, you will have a short meet and greet with your instructor, giving you the chance to get to know each other. He/she will drive you to the nearest suitable place possible where your first driving lesson begins. 


After reaching the spot, the instructor will run through the controls of the car and talk you through the brake, clutch, indicators, handbrake and accelerator. As this is the most crucial part of your driving lesson, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the instructor. In fact, the more questions you ask, the more you learn.

Cockpit Drill:

The cockpit drill involves teaching all the little checks that you must complete before beginning to drive. Of course, these safety checks should be done by every driver, no matter experienced or beginner. Before you begin to drive, you must make sure that the doors are closed securely, mirrors are adjusted property, seatbelt is on, steering position is established and your seat is in a comfortable position.


Now, we are getting to the real action. Yes, you will be in the driver seat and driving for the first time! Don’t worry if you stall the car as it’s quite normal for the beginners. Once you become comfortable with driving, you can move onto the open road.

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