4 Driving Rules That Will Save You Big Time!

Learning how to drive is a delicate process. There are no shortcuts. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle at driving school, you’re agreeing to do things by the book. You’re committing to the rules of the road. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an efficient driver.

The quickest way to pass a driving test is to listen carefully, follow instructions and behave responsibly. The speed at which a trainee driver learns determines how many lessons they take. If you want to pass fast, here are some safe ways to get on the road and impress your driving instructor.

Don’t Dawdle with Your Provisional

You can’t start driving until you have a learner permit or provisional licence. So, we recommend you apply for yours as early as possible. If you’re a young learner, this is two months before your seventeenth birthday. For older drivers, there are no limits on when you can apply.

As a learner permit remains valid for 12 months, you could apply for one early and keep it around until you’re ready to start learning within a year.

Take an Intensive Driving Course

The quickest way to complete a driving course and become test eligible is to take intensive lessons. Sprint Driving School is one of the most trusted driving centres in Melbourne. We deliver intensive driving courses designed to deliver the same volume of instruction in roughly half the time of a traditional course.   

Sprint Driving School can pass you fast if you take a higher number of lessons in a shorter space of time. Depending on how quickly you want to progress, you could enroll on several two- or three-hour lessons every week. 

Practice with Friends and Family

It’s common, particularly for young learners, to practice vehicle control outside of driving school with the help of responsible friends and relatives. Practicing with loved ones is a practical, free way to swot up on lesson basics and continue getting comfortable with manoeuvres learned in class.

Remember, to legally support a learner driver, the supervising adult must be twenty-one or older. They also need a valid full Victorian driving licence.

Make Sure You’re Ready for the Test

We want you to pass fast and start enjoying life as a qualified driver. However, it’s more important that you pass safely. Intensive driving schools can accelerate the process but, ultimately, it’s all down to your abilities.  

If you don’t feel ready, delaying a driving test could save you time in the long run. Failing a test and reapplying can be a slow process. You may need to enroll on more lessons. So, think carefully when the question is asked: “Do you feel ready to take your driving test now?

Pass Your Driving Test Fast with Sprint Driving School

Sprint Driving School offers a variety of intensive driving courses and a team of expert instructors who can help you apply for your test. If you want to pass fast and stay safe while you do it, call us today on 03 9578 0120.