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When it’s time to learn how to drive you want to learn from the best. At Sprint Driving School, we combine knowledgeable instructors with a thorough learning program to give you the skills you need to hit the road! Look at a few of the reasons why so many individuals in Melbourne and the surrounding area turn to Sprint Driving School for driving instructions.

Skillful, Experienced Driving School Instructors

Each of our instructors has been thoroughly trained to ensure you receive instruction from an expert. We have both male and female instructors. So, you can choose the driving school instructor you’ll be most comfortable with. You benefit from the experience and know-how of our driving school instructors.

Instruction at a Price That Fits Your Budget

We understand that every family has a budget they must adhere to. That’s why our driving school has budget lesson plans available. We want you… Continue reading

Honing the skills on driving through professional training

If you want to hone your skills in driving and are looking for a driving school with professional training that will be the perfect place to learn the intricacies of driving as well as the rules and regulations, then you will find Sprint Driving School providing lessons through expert professionals. Once you complete the lessons and obtain the license, you will feel confident in driving along the streets of Melbourne and its suburbs.

Driving lessons Melbourne provides professional trainers. We have special lessons in skills and defensive driving development. We provide special care on jog book and passing the driving test on the first attempt guarantee.

Individual attention is provided by experienced trainers to learners of all age groups. Sprint driving school can help team you up with a male or a femail driving instructor. No matter what your age group is or otherwise, you may be a teenager, an… Continue reading

How to successfully pass at your driving test – Melbourne Driving School

Often driving instructors will be asked by a learner driver which VicRoads Office will be best to sign up for the driving test. It is a normal question since some learner drivers may think that there are some VicRoads Offices that are easier to pass the driving test than others).

Our answer to this question is: it is not the driving test office that makes it hard or easy to pass, (as the test criteria is the same every where). However, it is the nature of the testing officer that will make it hard or easy to pass your driving test. As the tester officer is randomly selected by VicRoads on the test day, unfortunately we can not do much about that. However not all is doom and gloom.

The driving instructor can do a lot in regards to your driving test preparation. By going  through… Continue reading

Top 3 Driving Tips for P Platers – Driving School Melbourne

Safe driving comes first in everything we do in life. Whether it is walking on the footpath or learning to driving a car on the road – we need to be vigilant and alert at most times. Top 3 Driving Tips brings you the answers. What makes it much more concerning is the silly things that some people do on the road while driving their motor vehicle.

Our driving School tips are for the young drivers who have recently passed their driving test and have their Victorian Drivers Licence. We do hope that everyone uses their vehicles for good intentions to get around.

Young drivers can easily fail to realise the dangers involved while driving a car on the road. We at Sprint Driving School Melbourne commit ourselves to teach our young learner drivers the importance of safety while driving a car.

Top 3 Driving Tips that come up… Continue reading

Car maintenance and Repairs – a Driver Instructor Perspective

Car maintenance and repairs brought to you by Sprint Driving school Melbourne

Sitting behind the wheel of your car only to discover it won’t start is the worst. Just as aggravating is when a tyre is flat or your car has run out of petrol. Rather than deal with the inconvenience and high costs of car troubles after they happen, prevent problems before they occur. Sure, it’s reassuring to know you can rely on car services such as AAA or Budget Direct’s roadside assistance [1], but why not prevent your car from breaking down in the first place by taking the proper maintenance steps?

Simple maintenance, such as regularly checking the tyre pressure, ensuring you have adequate car insurance, keeping the car clean from excess dirt and clutter, and never running the car on an empty fuel tank, will prolong your vehicle’s lifespan. Regularly take your car to a reliable… Continue reading

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