An E-Scooter Rider Is Fighting For Life after Being Hit by a Car

An e-scooter rider, a 34year-old-man from Currumbin, is clinging to life after running a traffic light into oncoming traffic about 7.30pm on Tuesday. He is in a critical condition and has been taken to the Gold Coast Hospital after being hit by a car.

Police officials said that the e-scooter rider was traveling on the wrong side of Burleigh Waters road and he was not wearing a helmet when he was T-boned by another vehicle. According to the reports, the crash occurred at a busy intersection on Reedy Creek Road following which the rider was taken to the hospital with severe injuries on head for further treatments.

Adam Flory from Queensland Ambulance Service said that the rider was found to sustain critical head injuries and internal injuries. An off-duty nurse did CPR until the paramedics team arrived to the site. The driver of the car was a 23-year-old woman from Robina and she was not hurt in the accident.

Traffic lanes were closed as the investigators from the forensic department surveyed the scene. Then, the rider’s backpack and headphones were retrieved from the spot.

Health authorities and police officials are urging people to drive safely on the roads as there have been an increasing number of people taken to emergency departments because of accidents. They also insisted bike riders to put on their helmets to save their life.

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