An Unlicensed Driver Was Apprehended For Throwing Flares At Police In A Frightening 45-Minute Chase

In Australia, driving without a valid driver’s license can result in fines of up to $38,000 and two years of imprisonment.

An unlicensed driver in the northern suburbs of Perth has allegedly thrown flares at Police during a frightful 45-minute high speed chase around 9.30pm on 17 December. The chase started when the driver did not stop his MG3 hatchback at the intersection of Alexander and Marangaroo Drives for police.

Alex Godfrey, a passerby, told that he felt like two bright lights coming towards him faster. Another person said that it was really a miracle as no one was injured. He also added that the driver did everything he could to evade the police.

This 28 year-old man allegedly raced off and fired the flares by sparking a scrub fire which was put out by firefighters. When the Police Air Wing officers followed the man, he drove his vehicle recklessly through the northern suburbs in an attempt to outpace police.

The authorities said that the pursuit came to an end when the man drove his car into the Moore River and fully submerged the vehicle. He escaped through the bush and then into the adjacent property. However, he was apprehended and taken custody on a semi-rural property along the Barragoon Road in Caraban.  The biggest challenge for the police officials was to recover the vehicle from the river.

Finally, the hasty driver was charged with six offences, including intensified burglary, reckless driving to evade police, driving without license and attempting to hit a person.

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