Five Hardest Driving Skills To Learn To Become A Smart Driver

The state of Victoria requires 120 hours of behind-the-wheel training including 20 hours of nighttime training before getting the driver license. When your teen is ready to learn how to drive, it is important to take driving lessons from a reputable driving school in Melbourne. For your knowledge, we have listed a few skills that your teen must learn in order to become a safe, smart driver.

Making Turns:

While driving a car seems to be simple, making turns can be challenging for beginners. Those who have not been behind the wheel before, it can be difficult to maintain the momentum and slow down the vehicle to make the turn. Sufficient practice is important to learn this skill.

Braking Smoothly:

Coming to a smooth and gradual stop can be challenging for new drivers. This is because this skill can be learned only through driving lessons under the supervision of a driving instructor. When you learn how to drive with an instructor, you will also learn how to brake safely and correctly.

Accelerating Safely:

Increasing the speed of your vehicle suddenly can make your car to move in a jerking position, and as a result, your car can get out of your control. Accelerating quickly on slippery road conditions can also lead to accidents, so make sure that you increase the speed of your vehicle gradually.

Along Intersections:

Roundabouts and intersections can be stressful for teen drivers. If the intersections are controlled by lights, the new drivers understand when it is their turn to go, but deciding who has to go along free-for-all intersections can be quite difficult. Only with practice, the teens will know who has the right to go first.

Changing & Merging Lanes:

It can be difficult for new drivers to judge the time and distance optimal for changing and merging lanes. The process of slowing down the vehicle, turning on your blinker and guessing whether the driver behind you will allow you enter the lane or not can be overwhelming. Driving instructors in Melbourne will help your teen practice and master these skills.

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