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How To Get Driving License In Melbourne, Victoria?

Victoria is known to have some of the most amazing roads and well-maintained road networks in the world that make driving a popular mode of transportation. Strict driving laws have been enforced by police to ensure the safety of the road users. As a part of this, everyone who drives a car in Victoria should have a valid driver’s license. If you are wondering how to get Victorian driving license, here is an insightful guide for you.

Steps on How to Get Drivers’ License in Victoria:

Basically, there are four main stages that you must go through before getting qualified for a full license.

  1. Learner’s Permit
  2. Take Driving Lessons
  3. Get A Probationary Driving License
  4. Getting Your Full License

Step 1: How to Get a Learner’s Permit?

A learner permit allows you to learn to drive from a fully licensed driver. To obtain this permit, you should

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Pass the eyesight test
  • Pass the theory test about the road rules and regulations.

Learning the rules from ‘Road to Solo Driving’ handbook and taking the practice license tests help you pass the learner permit test the first time.

Step 2: Learn To Drive:

The second step on how to get a drivers’ license in Melbourne is to learn to drive from one of the accredited driving instructors. The experts will teach you the best driving techniques and guide you through the process of getting your probationary driving license.

Step 3: Getting Your Probationary Driving License:

In Victoria, a probationary driving license has two stages – P1 & P2. With this driving license, you can drive with a range of restrictions without being supervised. The restrictions on P2 license are lenient when compared to those on P1 license. If you are under the age of 21 while applying for a probationary license, you will be issued with a P1 license. However, if you are above 21 years of age while applying, you will be given P2 license. 

Step 4: Getting Your Full License:

You can get a full driving license if you have been holding your P2 license for the minimum of 36 months and passing an eyesight test. Once you have obtained your fill license, you can drive a car without being supervised and the restrictions of P1 and P2 licenses.

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