How to Learn To Drive On a Budget in Australia?

Learning to drive is passion for many teenagers in Australia, with most people getting their provisional license as soon as they turn 18. Getting your provisional license is the first step on your driving journey. To obtain this provisional license, you should pass the hazard perception test and practical driving test. To pass this driving license test on your first attempt, you must take driving classes from a reputable driving school.  Here are some tips on how to learn to drive on a budget.

Book Lessons in Bulk:

The cost of driving lesson on an average can be around $25 an hour. The best way to save money is to book lessons in bulk. There are many driving schools and instructors in Melbourne offering discount on buying lessons in bulk. Some schools also offer special introductory offers which can save you hundreds of dollars eventually.

Practice with Friends or Family:

A driving instructor can teach you the basics of safe driving, but practising with friends or family in between the lessons help building your confidence on the roads. When you become comfortable behind the wheel, you may not require as many lessons with an instructor.

Pass Your Test The First Time:

The best way to save your money on learning to drive in Australia is to pass the driving license test the first time. Though failing first time is not a big deal, it will cost you more money and time when you fail the test repeatedly.

How To Pass The Test The First Time?

In order to pass the practical test the first time, book your driving lessons at Sprint Driving School. We offer a wide range of driving courses to suit learner drivers of all levels. Whether you are completely new to driving or have a little bit of experience behind the wheel, our driving instructors will offer personalised training and enable you to pass the test on your first attempt. To know more about our driving lessons, call 1300 73 1330 and talk to us today.