Key Driving Lessons You Must Master

There are many different reasons that people should take driving lessons while preparing for their driving tests. Taking lessons helps you to know the most important points to remember when taking your driving tests.

Driving Lessons: Look at Junctions

Take lessons so that you know how to approach an intersection. Before pulling into any junction when it is your turn, make sure to look straight ahead and to both sides. This allows you to see any oncoming traffic as you do not want your vehicle to get hit.

Driving Lessons: Using Mirrors

Many people assume that if you are going straight ahead, there is no need to use the mirrors. The truth is that you need to use the mirrors very often. Start by making sure that your mirrors are properly adjusted before starting down the road. Then, look in the mirrors every time you change directions, drive around a hazard or change your speed. This includes slowing down or speeding up even if continuing in a straight line.

Driving Lessons: Speed

Choosing the correct driving speed can be tricky. Always make sure that you know the speed limit. Stick as close to it as possible without ever exceeding it. In inclement weather, then slow down. Never become nervous if cars are passing you as long as you are obeying the law.

Driving Lessons: Maintain Control

An important aspect of maintaining vehicle control is to start by adjusting the steering wheel before you start the car. The wheel should be below your shoulders when you are sitting comfortably behind it. Pretend the steering wheel is a clock. Place your left hand at the 9 o’clock position. Then, place your right hand at the 3 o’clock position. Always keep both hands on the wheel. Use both hands in a push and pull method to turn the vehicle.

Driving Lessons: Positioning Your Car

It is important that you stay on your side of the road. If there are not any obstacles, then center your car in your lane. When passing parked cars or other obstacles, then move over just a tad so that you make sure there is plenty of clearance. Make sure that you are always scanning the road ahead of you so that you can anticipate problems before they occur.

Driving Lessons: Backing Out into the Road

Impress the driving testing officer by backing out into the road correctly. After adjusting your steering wheel and your mirrors, then look for other vehicles coming down the street. They have the right of way. You should always yield to them before backing up. Always check traffic coming from all directions.

Diving Lessons: Using Signals

You should use your signals when you are backing out of a parking space. One of the most important driving lessons you can learn is the need to communicate with others through signal use. It is essential that you use your turn signal if you overtake another car on the highway. You also need to signal when merging into traffic from another road. Of course, you need to signal when you turn onto another road. Most areas require that you signal at least 100 feet ahead of time assuming it is the closest choice to you. Signalling too early or too late can confuse other drivers.

Driving Lessons: Turning

One of the most difficult things for new drivers is to turn onto another road correctly. Just remember that you need to be aware of others sharing the road with you at all times. Stay in the center of the road as much as possible making a 90-degree turn.

It can be very difficult to master all these driving lessons. Therefore, contact us to schedule your driving lessons. Our professional team at Sprint Driving School has years of experience teaching drivers.

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