Should You Learn To Drive In Driving Test Routes?

When it comes to the practical driving test, there are several things that learners do to increase their chances of passing the test the first time round. While taking driving lessons from a driving instructor makes you familiar with the safe driving techniques, practising outside of lessons with family and friends builds up your driving skills. However, some learner drivers believe that learning to drive in driving test routes enables them to pass the test and obtain their license as quickly as possible.

Is it really important to learn to drive in driving test routes? Does it help you passing the test faster? Let’s see whether you truly need them to pass the test.

What Are Driving Test Routes?

When it comes to the driving test, the examiners are not allowed to take students on their chosen route around the test centre. They must follow a test route laid out by the VicRoads. While the test routes start at the test centre, it further moves on to residential areas, urban areas, local dual roadways and tricky road types. There are dozens of test routes available at each driving test centre and the examiner is given one randomly for each practical. So, you need to be prepared to drive in all types of road conditions and traffic to pass the test.


When you learn to drive in test routes, you can learn to drive faster as you will drive along the same routes repeatedly. You will become familiar with the critical places and can handle the car efficiently during the test. As you have learnt to drive in those specific routes, you will perform well during the test and get the license quickly.


As you are used only to the specific route, you will struggle to drive while driving on different routes. You will get panic and lose your confidence when handling different scenarios and traffic.

Remember that VicRoads changes the test routes frequently, so it is important to enrol with a driving school and develop proper driving skills for the safety of your life and not just for your license. Sprint Driving School, a leading driving school in Melbourne, offers a variety of driving courses at competitive driving lesson prices. Call 1300 731 330 and book your lessons today.