Sprint Driving School – Melbourne’s number one driving school

The beautiful city streets of Melbourne are home to both drivers of cars and trams. It therefore requires that learner drivers know the rules regarding behaviour and rights to trams. Sprint offers you all the best tools you need in a Melbourne driving school.

Why Attend Driving School?

As adult drivers, we often fall into driving patterns that are not legal and can be problematic. Many of us would most likely not pass today’s driving exams! Family members and friends lack the time and patience it requires to adequately teach new drivers. It is therefore best for new drivers to attend driving school and learn from driving professionals. This is especially important in a city like Melbourne with its own unique traffic regulations, and for people who are new to the Australian driving system.

The Sprint Approach to Driving School

The driving school instructors at Sprint are committed to keeping informed on current traffic laws of Australia in general and Melbourne in particular. They are patient and put safety first. They love to see new drivers succeed and build confidence. They have experience working with drivers who are new to Australia and Melbourne, and also serve a wide array of Melbourne suburbs. Spring instructors also enjoy providing driving school refresher lessons to seasoned drivers attending driving school to enhance their skills.

Make the Most of Driving School

The more you put into driving school, the more you get out it. Here are tips for making the most of driving lessons:

  • Never skip lessons. The skills you learn each lesson build on each other, and the more time that lapses between, the less solid your foundation.
  • Take it seriously. Driving a car equates to operating a deadly weapon. Having safe driving skills keeps you, your passengers, and those around you safe.
  • Pay attention. Driving is a complex and complicated combination of skills you must do all at once. It takes your full attention, so eliminate all distractions during lessons.
  • Trust your instructor and ask questions. They teach driving school because they know more about safe and efficient driving than most. Take their advice seriously. If you do not understand or remember something, ask. They are there to help, and they want to see you succeed!
  • Study in between lessons. Keep the information fresh by going over it mentally and verbally, so that you are ready to build on your foundation with each new lesson rather than wasting too much time reviewing.
  • Observe other drivers. You cannot count on other drivers being conscientious.
  • Anticipating and responding quickly to other drivers’ actions is as crucial as every other driving skill.

Top 10 Things to Avoid During Your Driving Test

Use driving school lessons to consciously practice not doing these 10 things that most commonly cause failure on VicRoads tests:

  • 1. Incomplete Stops
  • 2. Not Signalling
  • 3. Kerb Mounting
  • 4. Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road
  • 5. Neglecting Mirrors
  • 6. Not Giving Right of Way to Pedestrians and Other Drivers
  • 7. Leaving the Hand Break On
  • 8. Not Obeying the Speed Laws
  • 9. Stopping Over the Thick Lines
  • 10. Stopping in “Keep Clear” Areas

Follow these tips, and driving school will be rewarding experience! Sprint is here to help you pass your test the first time, and get on the road safely and as soon as possible!

Sprint Driving School is a team of highly professional driving instructors. We have been providing driving lessons for many years. Our Driving School Melbourne teaches beginners to students moving from L to P plates. For Driving Lessons Melbourne, please contact us on 1300 731 330. Our Driving Instructor’s Melbourne will be glad to help you pass your driving test Melbourne. For International Driver License holders, we are here to help you obtain a Victorian Drivers License with our Driving Education Melbourne. We are open from 8am to 10pm. Please visit our contact page for more information or call on 1300 731 330.