Tips For New Drivers To Combat Top Three Driving Challenges

Driving is one of the adventurous activities, even for those who have years of experience behind the wheel. Teen drivers, who are prepared to drive in optimal conditions, picture themselves driving excellently. However, the truth is that they could stumble to drive in heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Here are a few tips from qualified driving instructors for young drivers to drive in any harsh condition.

Rain, Fog & Snow:

These weather elements have effect on the road in different ways, but are dangerous in their own way. When there is snowfall, slow down your vehicle and leave extra room between your car and other vehicles on the road. When it is raining, have your headlights on, stay in the middle of the road and avoid puddles. In foggy condition, turn your low beam headlights on and try to stay in your lane.

Long Boring Highway Roads:

While making a long drive, the stretching roads make you feel bored and drowsy. Driving when you are feeling drowsy is as dangerous as drunk driving. If you notice yourself feeling too bored or drowsy, pull off in a safe area and take a little nap, drink caffeine or eat crunchy food.

Highly-Congested And Heavy Traffic Roads:

Contrary to long, boring roads is heavy traffic roads. This is because you feel exhausted to navigate during heavy traffic. All these will add a layer of stress which might prevent you from focusing on the road. Staying focused on the road, paying attention to drivers around you and following driving etiquette are something that you can do reduce the frustration of being stuck.

To deal with all these situations, every driver should learn basic driving skills and practice defensive driving techniques from a driving school in Melbourne. So, the first thing you should do before getting behind the wheel is to take adequate hours of driver training from a qualified driving instructor.