Why Should You Learn Driving In A Manual Vehicle?

When you are learning to drive, the question of ‘manual or automatic?’ may strike your mind. While the majority of automobiles on the road today are automatic, driving a vehicle with manual transmission has a lot of benefits and they are as follows:

Unrestricted License:

If you learn driving in an automatic vehicle, you will only be allowed to drive automatic cars. On the other hand, if you learn in a manual vehicle, you can choose to drive an automatic or a manual vehicle after passing the test. As a matter of fact, a manual license covers both varieties of cars whereas the automatic license covers only automatic vehicles. 

Great Sense of Achievement:

Driving a manual vehicle requires you to focus on the road conditions, vehicle speeds and other safety aspects. In addition, you should be able to change gears, apply and release the clutch whenever and wherever necessary. Though it seems to be challenging at first, keeping your eyes on the road, staying alert to dangers and driving a vehicle in the meantime gives you a great sense of achievement. 

Gain Competitive Advantage:

Today, most people are willing to drive automatic vehicles. When you learn to drive a manual vehicle, you can gain a competitive advantage for careers that require the aptitude of driving vans or fleet vehicles that are more probably to be with manual transmission. 


When you are planning to buy a new vehicle, a car with manual transmission may cost less than the one with automatic transmission. In addition, if any part gets damaged or needs a replacement with a manual vehicle, it is just sufficient to get that part replaced. However, with an automatic vehicle, several parts are connected and you may need to replace an entire gearbox, which may cost you a fortune. 

While it takes some time to get acquainted with driving a manual vehicle, it really makes sense to master this art. So, are you ready to learn how to drive a manual vehicle? Call Sprint Driving School on 1300 73 1330 and book your manual driving lessons today. We have experienced driving instructors who can offer driving courses personalised to your specific needs.