How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive And Get My Driving License In Australia?

Having the skill to drive is crucial, because it plays an integral role in our lives. In order to drive safely and legally, the driver should pass the driving test. However, the truth is that many of the drivers on the road find it difficult to fulfill the driving criteria. The only reason for being unacquainted of the driving principles is the lack of knowledge on the traffic rules, regulations and enough practice behind the wheel. Most people have one question in their mind “how long does it take to learn how to drive and get my license?” Well, it differs from one person to another, but on average it might take about 45 hours of driving lessons to learn to drive.

Here Are A Few Factors That Influence How Quickly You Can Learn To Drive:

Number Of Lessons You Have In A Week:

Try to schedule your time effectively and try to have more number of lessons per week. As a beginner try to get at least three driving lessons a week. Once you get accustomed to the basics of driving, you can reduce the number of lessons per week.

Amount Of Private Practice You Get:

After a few number of lessons on learning how to drive, you can ask your driving instructor to organise some practice sessions. Getting enough practice behind the wheel means that you will get better chance to succeed in your driving test. The more you practice, the sooner you achieve your goal.

How Well You Practice Hazard Perception:

The primary reason of the driving test is to evaluate your ability to cope up with unexpected hazards. In order for you to pass the test, you need to practice hazard perception such as checking mirrors and reacting to the surrounding.

How Good Your Knowledge On Traffic Rules Is:

Knowing how to drive is not just enough to pass the driving test. Rather, you should also have good knowledge on the traffic rules and regulations.

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