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Taking driving lessons in Canterbury has become a necessity due to the convenience offered by this transportation. If you want to take up a driving course in Canterbury, look no further than Sprint Driving School. As one of the accredited and the best driving schools in Melbourne, we have a team of certified driving instructors who not only build your confidence but also help you get the driving license in the shortest time possible.

We Provide The Following Types Of Driving Courses

At Sprint Driving School, we have a broad range of driving lessons that can be tailored to the unique learning needs and prior experience of the drivers. Some of the driving courses we offer include

  • Automatic driving lessons
  • Manual driving lessons
  • Intensive driver training course
  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Advanced driving course
  • Beginner driving lessons
  • Much more

When you visit our driving school, one of our licensed driving instructors will discuss with you to understand your needs and determine your prior experience in driving. With the information gathered, we will recommend the best driving course for you. Our instructors will let you know the number of classes you need before taking up your practical license test.

Competitive Pricing

At Sprint Driving School, we have kept our driving lesson prices as affordable as possible to help the aspiring learners with different budgets. As we will sketch out the driving lessons according to the needs of the students, you can learn to drive confidently, safely and responsibly in a short span of time.

What Makes Us Apart From The Crowd?

  • Varied range of driving courses available
  • Affordable pricing & 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Both female and male driving instructors available
  • Opportunity to learn from a qualified and certified instructor
  • Driving courses can be tailored to the learner’s needs
  • Training offered for both manual and automatic vehicles
  • Pick up and drop off facility available to the learners
Whether you are new to driving or having prior experience, we will provide a relaxed and tranquil learning environment where you can learn at your own pace and enhance your driving ability. For more details on our driving courses, feel free to give us a call on 1300 73 1330.

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