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Malvern Driving School

Use Sprint’s Malvern Driving School for all your driving classes in Malvern – Victoria.

We can accommodate all driver training needs.

  • Beginner drivers,
  • refresher lessons for people with an existing driving licence,
  • advanced learner drivers,
  • and local driving lessons for overseas people with licence who need an international  change over licence.
driving instructors

There are lots of reasons why Malvern Driving School is the best option for taking driving lessons in Malvern, Armadale, Prahran, Glen Iris and others.

Accredited Driving Instructors Malvern

Our Malvern driving school’s driving instructors are VicRoads accredited driver instructors who are fully qualified and experienced in giving driving lessons to residents in Malvern and nearby suburbs.

All our driving instructors are experts and have many years of driving instructor experience in giving driving classes.

Male and Female Driving Instructors in Malvern

Malvern driving school has both male and female driving instructors. Our drivers have given quality and outstanding driving lessons to all ages who’ve needed to learn or get a refresher driving lesson.


Local Drivers in Malvern Driving School

Malvern driving school’s driving instructors who live locally can cover all areas in Malvern, East Malvern and nearby suburbs. Our driving instructors will collect you on time every time from your office or home. It is Malvern Driving School’s policy that the Melbourne driving lesson does not have to finish at the same place as the pick up location. We can end the driving lesson at another location that’s within or near Malvern.

driving instructors
Driving lessons

Take a morning driving lesson before work or School. Let’s start your driving lesson at your home and finish up at work or even at your school. The same can be applied in reverse. It’s convenient, time is used efficiently as possible and it’s fantastic way to organise your life. We are flexible at Malvern Driving School.

The Experts at Malvern Driving School

Your driving lessons can start in the quiet back streets of Malvern and then progress to a more challenging traffic conditions. Once you have gained enough experience our driving instructor will take you to more congested and flowing traffic for your advanced driving lessons. We’ll driving around in many traffic conditions to gain maximum amount of driving and car handling experience.

When you have mastered the varying conditions in your area with Malvern driving school, we will then give you advanced driving lessons and hop on to highways and freeways.

Our Melbourne driving instructors aim to make you into a safe and competent driver for life. We aim to teach you to drive responsibly and keep yourself and others in safety while driving on the roads.

Quality Driving Lessons in Malvern

Become a competent, confident driver taking driving lessons with a driving school Melbourne.

Here’s a few steps that our expert and experienced driving instructors will do:

  1. start by developing your judgement and observation,
  2. build your confidence,
  3. increase your driving skills,
  4. pickup possible hazards,
  5. and teach you to properly operate a vehicle.

Malvern Driving School Cars.

We conduct driving lessons in excellent cars. All our cars are well maintained and easy to drive. Malvern driving school cars are late-model and come in manual or atuomatic transmission. Furthermore, we ensure that they are kept and maintained in excellent condition for driving.

All our cars are fitted with dual-pedal controls for safe driving. These pedals will allow any instructor to take over when in need.

Our cars are fully insured for learner drivers.

Driving Lessons Prices at Malvern Driving School

Driving classes with Malvern Driving School are affordable.  Standard driving lessons are 45 minutes long, but we also offer 60 and 90 minute driving lessons as well.


Malvern Driving School Hours of Operation

We put your needs first when considering when to book your driving lessons. We at Malvern driving school will conduct driving classes at times to suit the learner driver.

This list displays the hours or days we operate:

  • You can take your driving lessons on weekends.
  • Do you need to early morning driving classes? We can help you there too.
  • We are also open during most public holidays. How convenient is that?
  • We are available for driving classes after hours and at night.

Driving Courses Malvern

For the learner driver in hurry or lacking a little confidence, Malvern Driving School offers two special courses of driving classes:

 The intensive driving course

You can take as many driving lessons each week as you like. Our driving instructors will give you priority for booking driving classes.

 The guaranteed pass driving course

If taking your driver’s licence test fills you with anxiety, we offer driving classes with a guaranteed pass option. Our  guarantee you will pass the driving test on 1st attempt or else driving instructor will pay the 2nd time VicRoads booking fee.

A Free Driving Lesson

As a reward for taking driving classes  . Our driving instructors will give you a free driving lesson on the day of your driving licence test.

Are you ready to book your driving lessons with Malvern Driving School?

Sprint is your local service provider  giving you the best VALUE  for your money.

Call 1300 73 1330, text 0418519228  or e mail us booking@aasprint.com.au.

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