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Reliable Driving Lessons Given At Sprint Driving School!

Become a professional driver and master the roads with the best Chadstone Driving School, offering a comprehensive driving programme to all. The best driving instructors in Chadstone are linked with us, which makes the whole training programme a breeze. Not just one or two, but you will learn a whole lot of driving techniques that will make it easier for you to drive on all kinds of roads. To make learning easier and more fun for you, we’ve crafted a very relaxed, supportive environment featuring world-class customer service.

Comprehensive Driving Lessons in Chadstone

Whether you are looking to just enhance your driving skills or are looking to become a pro, consider Sprint Driving School for the best driving lessons in Chadstone. At our school, all modern cars have both automatic and manual transmissions. Take our training programme and conveniently pass your driving exam to attain your licence. Till now, a number of customers have taken advantage of our excellent services, making us a trusted name in the industry to rely upon.

Why Choose Chadstone Driving School?

Chadstone Driving School classes are competitively priced and of great value. Our Melbourne driving lessons in Chadstone are 45 minutes, but we can also offer 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Our instructors are flexible with time and can conduct sessions at a time that suits you. Additionally, we can offer classes during the day, early mornings, nighttime, weekends, and public holidays. Basically, we can accommodate your requirements.

Sprint Driving School Provides a Range of Courses

  • The Intensive Driving Course: Our instructors will give your lessons the highest priority, and we will train you as fast as you can handle. There is no limit to the number of lessons you can take in a week. All to match your level of urgency.
  • The Guaranteed Pass Course: For the learner who is concerned about passing their license test. We offer these classes with a guaranteed pass. If you do not pass the drive test 1st time our instructor will pay the rebooking test fee. Some conditions apply to this course.

Driving Lessons in Chadstone and Surrounding Areas are Available at Short Notice

Chadstone Driving School will collect you from your home, office, work, or School/Tafe and drop you off at a place of your choice. Chadstone is a good place to begin taking lessons, which can cover back streets, busier main roads, and hectic shopping centres. An array of different conditions to give you lots of practice. That is why Melbourne Driving School can give you highly beneficial driving lessons.

Sprint’s Chadstone Driving School Instructors are Friendly

All lessons are conducted with our late-model auto or manual cars which are in great condition and have dual pedal controls for safety. These enable our Melbourne driver instructors to take control when required. Rest assured if you have not driven before it is our duty to make you as confident and safe as possible.

Free Lesson with Sprint Driving School!

Get a reward for taking lessons with our driving school. As an added extra, we will take you on a free lesson on the test course on the day of your test. This will get you relaxed, confident, and familiar with the course. Knowing the traffic conditions just before the test enables you to adapt to the situation a little later on.

For Local Driving Services Call Chadstone Driving School

Sprint will cater for all your driving training services. Moving from L to P. Overseas license conversion. Refresher driving lessons. Night driving. Reverse parking. Training on a manual car. Male and female instructors, 7 days driving training available.
Chadstone Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Sprint Driving School, you have the flexibility to choose between 45, 60, or 90-minute lessons. Moreover, lessons are scheduled to accommodate your availability, including weekdays, weekends, and even public holidays. This flexibility ensures that you can fit driving lessons into your busy schedule without hassle.

Sprint Driving School provides specialised courses such as the Intensive Driving Course and Guaranteed Pass Course. The Intensive Driving Course is designed for learners who wish to prioritise and accelerate their learning process, offering a tailored approach based on individual needs.

Absolutely! Sprint Driving School offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services from locations such as your home, workplace, or school. This service ensures that you can start and end your lessons at a place that is most convenient for you, adding convenience and saving you time.

Yes, all vehicles used for training at Sprint Driving School are modern and equipped with dual pedal controls for enhanced safety. This feature allows instructors to take control when necessary, providing a secure learning environment for all students.

Yes, Sprint Driving School provides specialised services for learners transitioning from overseas licences to Australian licences. They offer tailored instruction to help you get used to Australian road rules and driving conditions, ensuring a smooth transition to driving in Australia. The school is equipped to support you in obtaining an Australian driver’s licence, whether you need help with paperwork or adapting your driving skills.

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