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Looking For an Elwood Driving School?

Driving Lessons in Elwood and surrounding suburbs.

Sprint is a local drive school based in the bay side and surrounding suburbs. We are an Elwood driving school in your location for convenience and trouble free driving lessons.

There are many reasons to select a Melbourne driving school for all your driver training needs.

Our Melbourne driving instructors are locally based in Elwood and bay side area. They are available 7 days a week and at a short notice for any driving lessons.

Driving lessons in Elwood are available early morning before school/work or after hours.

Elwood driving school provides driving lessons in new and fully insured driving cars for learners . Our cars have dual pedal controls for safety and used in an emergency or when the learner drive is nervous. Our driving school will offer our driver learners a wide range of driver training courses/lessons:

  • Beginners driving lessons,
  • intensive driving course for those learners on a rush to get the Victorian licence asap,
  • refresher driving lessons,
  • overseas change over licence,
  • free way driving,
  • night driving with Elwood driving school,
  • city driving lessons,
  • reverse parking training,
  • driving with trams,
  • and hook turns and above all Victorian Vic roads drive test preparation.

All about Elwood Driving Lessons

The standard driving lessons come with 45 min block driving lessons. However, you can also take driving lessons that are 60 or 90 minutes long. You can take any number of lessons per day.

Elwood driving school will drive and pick the student from their address and drop them back either at the same location or finish the lesson at another address of your choosing in or surrounding the suburbs of Elwood.

Driver instructors with Elwood driving school have many years of expertise in the driver training industry. We teach our students to drive in traffic with ease and safety. Our Melbourne driving lessons are very educational and aim to give the student a quality experience and practical training in learning to drive on the roads of Melbourne.

Preparing for Driving Test

With our Elwood driving school you will be able to take a final driving lesson before your driving test to allow you to adapt to the testing route and the traffic conditions. Elwood driving school has a high pass rate due to great driving conditions in and around Elwood.

Sprint driving school is your local Elwood driving school and will provide driver training at an affordable price. A great investment for your driving licence from a professional driving school located in the Bayside suburbs.

Enquire now and let us help you get your VicRoads driver’s licence with Elwood Driving School.

Get in touch with our Elwood Driving School today on 1300 73 1330.

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