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    Are you tired of looking through an endless number of driving schools and still not able to find an ideal option for your car learning needs? Sprint Driving School offer the best driving lessons in Melbourne. With expert car driving instructors and affordable packages, we provide exceptional driving training for learners of all levels to help you pass your VicRoads test. With our flexible driving classes and VicRoads drive tests, you can be sure that you will gain the skills you need to obtain your driver’s licence. We have expert training instructors available locally, who are patient and friendly with the students. Our proven educational technique will not only improve your driving skills but will also ensure that you are safe on the road. So spare yourself from searching for an ideal car driving school and book with us today. Whether you’re looking for basic or advanced training, our driving lessons make sure that you are skilled enough to clear your VicRoads Driving Test and hit the road.

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    Learn to Drive with the Best Instructors at Sprint Driving School

    Everyone remembers the feelings of excitement and nervousness the first time they got behind the wheel. At Sprint Driving School, our professional instructors have extensive knowledge of the driving process. Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your skills, they offer a welcoming atmosphere and personalise the classes to meet your requirements and pace. Sprint Driving School offers a variety of local driving instructors in Melbourne.

    Our expert instructors will properly guide you along the path of learning, regardless of whether you’re looking for basic car driving training or more advanced techniques. As one of Melbourne’s oldest driving schools, we have provided quality driving lessons for many years. Although the four learning stages of the VicRoads are crucial, our effort goes beyond what is necessary. To enhance your driving abilities, we offer an extensive six-stage education program.

    Our vehicles are fully insured. We have full insurance coverage for all of our instructors and their vehicles. Choose the car learning package that best fits your preferences by looking through our list of options. Whether beginner basics or advanced manoeuvres, we’ve got you covered. At Sprint Driving School, we adhere strictly to COVID-19 safe guidelines, ensuring a secure learning environment. Book your lesson today and embark on your journey towards driving mastery.

    Whether you need a basic driving lesson or a more advanced one, our experienced instructors can help get you started on the road safely. We are one of Melbourne’s oldest driving schools. We have been offering the best driving lessons in Melbourne for a long time. The VicRoads’ four stages of learning are only part of the learning process for new drivers. At Sprint Driving School, we go beyond the VicRoads’ four stages and provide a comprehensive six-stage program that will help improve your driving skills. Our vehicles are fully insured. We have full insurance coverage for all of our instructors and their vehicles. Book the right driving instructor with Sprint Driving School and start taking lessons today. We follow all COVID Safe guidelines and accepting booking for driving lessons across Melbourne.

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    Teen Driver Education

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    Here at Sprint our aim is to make you a competent candidate for the VicRoads test. We'll help boost your skills to ensure you are safe on the roads. Our lessons will increase your chance of passing the test with ease.

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    Sprint offers both Auto and Manual lessons: book online today.

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    Best Deals for Melbourne Driving Lessons

    Save More with Package Deals. * Automatic Lessons Prices, Weekends & After Hours Extra

    45 min Package


    Pay as you go 65 dollars per 45 min auto or mannual

    5 x 45 Min Package


    Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $300

    Pre Pay for 5 Lesson Get 6 Lesson

    5 x 60 Min Package


    Pre-pay for 5 standard driving lessons ( 60 min / lessons ) and pay only $400

    Get 6 Lessons for the Price of 5

    10 x 45 Min Package


    Pre-pay for 10 standard driving lessons ( 45 min / lessons ) and pay only $600

    Get 11 Lessons for the Price of 10

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    Some of the People We've Helped

    We have over 100 5-star reviews. See what our outstanding students say about our superhero instructors!
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    I passed the First time test after only 4 lessons!!!


     “Avi was an amazing instructor. He made me feel comfortable and secure. I learned to do reverse parking in 20 minutes and nailed it every time.
    Best instructor and best driving experience ever!!”


    Very happy with my instructor, he was very patient.


     “I had a great experience, very happy with my instructor, he was patient and gave clear and helpful tips. I feel much more confident driving by myself now”


    Passed driving test on the FIRST Go!!!!


     “I can’t thank Oliver and Avi ( my tutors) enough to train me well and helped me learn right techniques to become a best Driver. I was confident about the test as I had gone through different driving techniques numerous times with my tutors. Big thanks again Oliver and Avi !!!!! Very friendly and patient.”

    – Rashmi

    Aiden scored 100% on his driving test.


     “Thanks so much to William who was my son, Aiden’s instructor for his P test. William was friendly and very experienced. His calm and reassuring manner was much appreciated and I’m sure assisted in Aiden scoring 100% on his test. I highly recommend William!”

    – Anna

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a recognized driving school Melbourne, we have a wide range of driving lesson packages to choose from. Our prices are extremely competitive. The cost of a lesson is $45 and can be arranged for 7 days a week. Our driving instructor will come to your preferred address (with a dual-pedal car) and offer manual or automatic training depending on your preferences. You can check our special offers on driving lesson packages.
    Some learners require only 1 or 2 lessons whereas some require 5 to 10 lessons. The number of lessons required depends on your ability to meet the test criteria. Your driving instructor will explain to you what to do and what to avoid during the driving test in order to score successful test results.
    Yes, your driving instructor can sit in the front passenger seat, but he is not allowed to communicate with you or control your driving while taking the test. Your instructor will be there to ensure that the tester gives sufficient notice to perform driving tasks and is fair and impartial. You can quickly build confidence in yourself and your driving skills by enrolling in Sprint Driving School Melbourne, where you will get detailed, personalised driving lessons.
    You will be asked to drive the car on a public road performing normal everyday driving tasks such as turning right, turning left, changing lanes, reverse parking the car, and performing 3-point turns. Apart from your driving skills, you will be evaluated for the ability to manoeuvre your vehicle in a busy area. You will also be tested on your ability to assess the speed and distance of approaching cars and identify road signs, sensors, signals and indicators of other vehicles on the road. The tester will also evaluate your skill to operate the car on top of keeping the law and safe procedures
    Yes, you can take the driving test without enrolling in any professional driving school. However, the professional driving course can help you improve your driving skills so that you can drive safely and responsibly on the road. If you are looking for a trustworthy driving school in Melbourne you can consider joining Sprint Driving School.
    To undertake your driving test, you should bring your learner permit car, logbook (if you are below 21 years old), your learner permit and hazard test results along with your appointment papers. At Sprint Driving School Melbourne, we properly guide our students regarding the necessary information and requirements for the driving test so that they stay fully prepared for the test.
    Not at all! As mentioned earlier, the tester only wants to see that you are driving safely and legally. If you take our driving lessons in Melbourne, we will teach you the most effective driving techniques and help you pass the test much easier. Further helping you obtain a driver’s license.
    The driving test approximately takes 35 to 40 minutes to complete. You will be required to showcase a number of driving skills during this time frame, which includes changing lanes, turning, driving and stopping the car, and parking in parallel. Furthermore, the examiner will check your overall driving ability your understanding of drivers around you, and how well you manage to comply with road signs and signals.
    The key to becoming a responsible driver is to practice regularly, be patient and respect other road users around you. You will be better prepared to deal with another person’s carelessness while driving if you prevent yourself from having an impulsive or distracted manner of driving yourself.
    By training as frequently as you possibly can in your regular driving lessons, you’ll soon become able to drive quickly. Additionally, taking lessons continuously every day will aslo boost your chances of passing the driving test in a short time.
    Our driving school cover all the suburbs of Melbourne. Our experienced driving instructors will make sure you gain accurate and helpful training as they are well-acquainted with Melbourne’s local roads as well as traffic conditions.
    Yes, all of our driving school instructors are accredited, professional and have years of experience, so with our Sprint Driving School in Melbourne, you can be confident that you are in good hands.
    Yes, we do have female instructors. At Sprint Driving School, Melbourne we acknowledge the importance of a comfortable and friendly learning environment which is why we offer a group of highly competent female instructors exclusively for female drivers.
    Yes, we can. We have overseas license conversion experts to help you with the process. We offer different packages for individuals whether you are looking for overseas licence conversion packages for those who have driving experience in both your home country and Melbourne, or if you have driving experience in your home country but are not familiar with driving in Melbourne. Choose from our budget-friendly overseas licence conversion packages.

    You will learn:

    1. How to operate and manage the car;
    2. Awareness of every traffic rule
    3. Enhance your ability to judge and observational abilities.

    In addition, you will learn how to pass the VicRoads driving examination on your first attempt to try and drive your car with safety in mind.

    All Vic roads testing centres use the same criteria to assess your driving so basically, they are all the same however some Vic roads have more complex driving environments which make it harder to pass. For instance, Carton VicRoads includes many permanent 40 zones, tram lines, and considerable amounts of traffic and pedestrians. The kind of testing and how tough the examiner is will have an impact on how challenging or simple the test is to clear. The positive aspect is that applicants can’t be rejected by the examiner as long they continue to drive the vehicle legally and safely.

    Why Use Professional Training?

    Being a safe driver is only a part of the job. Having a good knowledge of traffic rules and road safety regulations helps you avoid hefty fines and safeguards you from getting into an accident. Our professionals at driving school Melbourne make you aware of the hazards as you learn to drive under different conditions. Our instructors are trained to VTD standards, ensuring that you receive the best instruction and preparation for your driving test. Our expert instructors offer complete training that offers more than a basic education. If you are someone who is looking to improve your driving skills or is a beginner, we offer affordable packages for car learning made to fit your budget. Our driving school provides a structured environment where you can learn at your speed, using well-maintained cars equipped with the latest safety features.
    Driving School Melbourne
    Driving Lessons

    Why Our Driving Lessons Are Different

    Our comprehensive technique for driving instruction is what makes Sprint Driving School different. We provide complete training that involves handling emergency situations, road etiquette, and defensive driving strategies on top of teaching you how to drive a car. We are passionate about teaching safe driving techniques and have been doing this for many years.

    Additionally, focusing on safe driving techniques with eyes on possible hazards, especially on Melbourne’s busy roads, makes us stand out from others. All our driving lessons are tailored to individual student needs. Upgrade from L’s (learner’s permit) to P’s (probationary license) on your first attempt with Melbourne’s specialized driving school. Join us at one of the leading schools in Melbourne and become a confident, responsible driver.

    Overseas Licence Conversion

    The need to convert your overseas driving licence to a Victorian driving licence merely depends on whether you would like to stay in the state as a permanent or temporary resident. If you are on a permanent visa or planning on staying for more than six months, you are required to apply for overseas licence conversion. At Sprint Driving School, we can help you with all your overseas licence conversions. If you hold a licence from a recognised country, you can get a Victorian licence just by paying the fees without going through the exams.

    However, if you hold a licence from a non-recognised country, you must pass the learner permit test, hazard perception test, eyesight test, and practical driving test. If you feel that you don’t have knowledge of VicRoads rules and regulations, you can book a lesson with our Driving School Melbourne. We provide affordable overseas licence conversion packages for overseas drivers with different levels of driving ability, including international students and new residents, to help them with their adjustment to driving in Melbourne. We offer full assistance for Metro Melbourne Suburbs and VicRoads testing locations.

    Learner Driver
    Learner Driver Education

    Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons

    Recognised as the number one driving school Melbourne, Sprint Driving School provides automatic and manual driving lessons to aspiring drivers. Our driving class curriculums comply 100% with VicRoads’ current regulations, so you can pass the driving test with the best score possible. We will begin with teaching the car controls on blank roads and then gradually to busy roads. Whether you want to enrol in manual or automatic driving lessons, our driving instructors can tailor the course to your needs.

    In addition to our comprehensive driving lessons, we pride ourselves on our high pass rate. We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency, which is why we offer the (PR) Quick Pass Drive Test service, designed to help you get your licence swiftly. Additionally, we assist students in recording their driving practice hours in a logbook as required for their training. So, sign up for our comprehensive car learning courses to easily get your driving licence and hit the road with assurance.

    96% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on

    Their First Try
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